Dear Anesthetists


Today we have started a never ending journey to bridge between our professionals and Ethiopian association of anesthetists by establishing this the first of its kind  wave sight. This is one of the novelist chapter in the history of Ethiopian association of anesthetists. Here after it is now the task of our anesthetists to carry on what    has been started .
  Ethiopian association of anesthetists is a non – governmental professional organization legally established in Ethiopia in 1984.EC It has preregistered in accordance with the new Charities and Societies Agency proclamation of the Ethiopian government on October 28, 2009 with a registration number 0043. Since its    establishment, has its own office & got a total of 350 members & 25 staffs (7 project staffs, 7 executive board members and 11 regional representatives) in all its sites   to make sure that these programs are run as per their standards towards the set goal. EAA currently operates in nine regions, two city administrations and anesthesia  training institutions universities, regional health science colleges and hospitals throughout the country .

 EAA works in collaboration with Government and Non Government Organizations to realize its mission and vision the Federal ministry of Health FMOH/ Charities and   societal Agency FMHACA/HERQA/UNFPA/Jhpiego /AMREF/WHO /Regional Health Bureaus other stake holders and partners to bring the highest quality of change in    the pre service Education and Anesthesia service rendered to the community at large .
 EAA is registered member of the International Federation of Anesthetists and is contributing its share for the Global development of anesthesia profession .
  Ethiopian association of anesthetists is now striving to update the knowledge attitude and practice of anesthetists as part of its commitment to keep the highest values and standard of practice with in legal and ethical frame work.
Hope fully to meet the demands of our time in anesthesia practice and education this wave sight will serve our professionals by strengthening communication between the Ethiopian association of aneshtetists and its members as well as anesthesia community globally . Let each of us meet with this wave sight with common effort purpose and dedication all over the world and contribute our share for the global development of anesthesia profession and shape the hope of this day into the noblest chapter in the history of anesthesia in Ethiopia .
Finally I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Federal Ministry of Health /JHPIEGO and HRH Project funded by USAID for financially supporting the development of this wave sight and also I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to /UNFPA/AMREF/FMHACA /WHO all other stake holders and partners for supporting the association with out which the achievements and strong working spirit would not have been possible .

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