Membership Fees

Membership fees shall be determined by the General Assembly and can be changed as and when necessary.
Members Right
Members of the Association shall have the right to:
  • Vote, elect and be elected to the various organs of the Association;
  • Participate in all activities of the Association;       
  • Receive the Association’s publications free of charge; and
  • Have access to information regarding the Association.

Membership Obligations

Members shall:
  • Uphold the expected professional ethics in their daily practices;
  • Comply with the Constitution and the rules and regulations of the Association as well as the decisions of the General Assembly;
  • Pay membership fees regularly.

Loss of Membership 

A member shall be deemed to have forfeited her/his membership status in EPHA upon the decision of the Executive Board in the event of:
  • Failure to abide by the Constitution, rules and regulations of the Association; 
  • Professional misconduct confirmed by the appropriate body of the Association and/or court rulings; and
  • Upon death or written request to leave the Association.