EAA received Recognition From MOH and SNNP Region

Dear Anesthesia professionals

It is to be recalled that as a country we have faced major health problem Covid 19 Pandemic in the past one and half year which has affected more than two hundred thousands of Ethiopians and caused thousands of deaths  ,the health professionals including Anesthesia professionals Sacrified   themselves in combating this pandemic they gave their precious life to save the community.

Ethiopian association of anesthetists  together with the  eleven health professionals association consortium members has played major role in creating public awareness ,Trained health professionals participated as the member of the task force and national advisory committee   cognizant to that the federal ministry of health in the presence of Addis Ababa City Mayor recognized health professionals during the session trophy was awarded to Ethiopian association of Anesthetists on top of that Southern nations nationalities region has also certified Ethiopian association of anesthetists . The success and final outcome of this achievement is yours we will not have completed this difficult task without your effort and support.

This Trophy and certificate is dedicated to those anesthesia professionals who lost their life in combating the pandemic.

At last I would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to our anesthesia professionals all over the country for the guidance and encouragement.

Leulayehu Akalu (Assis.Professor)


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