Anesthesia Students Association (ASAE)

Anesthesia  Students  Association of Ethiopia (ASAE) is established in 2019.

Why ASAE Established?

To offer students an opportunity to participate in the operation of a professional organization, to be committed to the improvement of health care and health care-delivery to all people; to promote the active improvement of medical education; to raise community awareness of the profession, mentor undergraduate students , to involve its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of Anesthesia and health sciences ; to assist in the improvement and understanding of  health problems; to contribute to the welfare of all members; to advance the profession of Anesthesia; to work to ensure health science reflects the diversity of society, with diversity including but not limited to differences in age, culture, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, gender and disability assemble& exchange information , build a foundation for career development. and attend  Regional and National meetings.


Ethiopian Anesthesia students Association


Dawit Gismie


Phone: +251 932925423 Email: Wollo University

Wodajo Getahun


Phone: +251 918962647 Email: Jimma University

Betemena Negede

Anesthesia Education Focal

Phone: +251 947545554 Email: Wochamo University

Semira Awol

CRC Focal

Phone: +251 910189874 Email: Dagmawi Minilk