Program accreditation represents a milestone in our pursuit of a more improved pre-service anesthesia education quality

The process of program accreditation is an important learning and organizational experience for every transparent educational program. Ethiopian Association of Anesthetists (EAA) signed MOU with Higher Education Relevance and Quality Assurance Agency (HERQA) to establish and run procedures related to Anesthesia Program Accreditation in the country. The association collaborates closely with HERQA under this agreement to make appropriate and evidence-based accreditation and re-accreditation decisions and recommendations in relevance to enhancing the quality of anesthesia education in the country.

The agreement will enable the association to establish a robust national anesthesia program accreditation system to improve the quality of anesthesia education thereby ensuring that accredited programs are mutually recognized both regionally and internationally.

Currently there is no university or college in Ethiopia running accredited undergraduate and postgraduate program with national or international accrediting body. In the light of Ethiopian commitment to establish accreditation mechanisms for health training institutions across all WHO member states by 2020 (HRH strategy 2030, WHO), Ethiopian Association of Anesthetists in collaboration with HERQA took the first initiative in launching Program Accreditation in public universities. The need to optimize anesthesia pre-service education and free movement of professionals with East African economic integration enables the country to establish Program Accreditation guideline and directives in line with regional and international landscape of accreditation. 

Following the agreement, the association conducted program accreditation advocacy sessions for different public university management officials and faculty members. The advocacy session is conducted targeting different institutions representing different regions in the country. The sessions enabled the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) develop an action plans for self-evaluation/assessment and apply for accreditation to the HERQA accreditation secretariat to initiate the process. The association planned to accredit 4 anesthesia programs in the coming 3 months of the 2020/21 academic year.

“Accreditation will ensure trainings provided by Ethiopian Higher Education Institutions meet an acceptable level of quality and enables the programs to be recognized regionally and internationally”

Ass. Professor Leulayehu Akalu, President of Ethiopian Association of Anesthetists

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