OSCAR Assessment is Underway in Ethiopian Association of Anesthetists

Ethiopian Association of Anesthetists is undergoing Organizational Synthesis of Capacity Assessment (OSCAR) in collaboration to Health Workforce Improvement Program (HWIP) at Jhpiego and Management Science for Health (MSH) Ethiopia.

Doing the Organizational Capacity Assessment will help the Ethiopian Association of Anesthetists with:

  • Transparency
  • Improve systems and people capacity
  • Fulfill Donor requirements
  • Improve the Standard Operating Procedure’s (SOP’s)

The assessment will be done in seven domains

  1. Governance and Legal Structure
  2. Financial Management and Internal Controls
  3. Administration and Procurement Systems
  4. Human Resources Systems
  5. Program Management (OCA only)
  6. Project Performance Management
  7. Organizational Management and Sustainability
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